Saturday, February 3, 2018

Hockey & Interstellar Cave Dweller

So it was time to go to the Roughriders hockey game a couple of weeks ago- time flies by so fast! DD was too sick to come so it was just Bean and me this year! ( you know Ben+Jean =Bean)
 It was superhero night so Lovely Jean and I had to get our picture taken!
 We had a great time t the game-those little girls behind us were adorable! They clapped hands in time to the music, and screamed and danced when they were supposed to and finally they got to be on the giant TV!
 We had kind of crappy seats this time-I know, I shouldn't complain since my employer gives us free tickets!
 Anyways, afterward we popped over to the Sundown Bar & Grill in Williamsberg to see our favorite local band-Interstellar Cave-dweller.
 They had a really good crowd, and they played really well-I have to admit, I haven't shut down a bar in quite a while, but the band was good and I was the DD.

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