Sunday, February 25, 2018

Home Show with Jean

So, a couple of weeks ago I went to the local Iowa City Home Builder's Home Show with Lovely Jean. I always come away with a lot of stuff...pens, shopping bags, a snow scraper,and a T shirt too!Jean and me both need more shopping bags, right?!
 There's a lot to see at shows like this. These guys had ways to make your cement floors look great.
 I just had to laugh at the name of the roofing company....Malarkey!
 Pretty furniture from the folks at Amana...always so nice to see.
 OOOO, look at these beautiful tiles! I'll take some! Wouldn't that make a wonderful back-splash in the kitchen!
 And take a look at these beautiful glass shower doors. A gal can dream, right? We worked up an appetite dreaming about all those great home products!
 We stopped to have lunch at twelve01-it's inside the Hampton Inn. I had a Cuban sandwich and Jean had the Shrimp Flatbread. It was a pretty good lunch.
Twelve01 has a nice menu and is not too crazy expensive. It was nice to go to a place with no crayons for a change!

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