Monday, February 12, 2018

Disposal Disposal

 So, the garbage disposal broke-the little teeth things broke off from the retaining pegs and were banging around in there-YIKES! SO I did  some on line shopping and found a great deal at Costco.
It's a big one and only $89.99!!
And they had it at the store so i didn't need to order it and wait! WIN!
 See I got the old one off-it was a tiny 1/4HP and look at the new one I got, on the right, it's a 1 1/3 HP that thing will grind!!
 So they stress that you have to put it together the way it's shipped! So I took pictures.

 Lookie there! It's all going well!
 Except that I need one more hand to get it up there. You have to be able to push it up and twist it all at the same time. KIDS to the rescue.
 Dannie came over and got it up there-she had to go though, so I was going to finish it myself,  then I lost a screw for the connector INSIDE the housing!! Ben came over and un installed it for me and got the screw out. Pretty good plumbing for an electrician guy!
We're all good now! I have a tiny drip on the P trap dang it, now I'll have to get under there again. Poor old knees!!

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