Friday, February 9, 2018

The Hits Keep Coming

SO this is my employer. Sad News indeed. Here's a link to the news release.The Gazette
I had high hopes for 2018, but maybe not so much. Or maybe this is just one of those doors opening that I've heard of. Who knows.  I'll keep you posted.
But in better news lookie here! I finished this quit! Sewing keeps the mind occupied!
I started making blocks back in mid January, I found that I couldn't close my scrap fabric boxes, so something had to happen!
 I used a block that I saw on Cluck Cluck Sew.
 Bob helped, he's very good at holding down blocks.....

 I set the blocks on point-I hadn't done that for a long time....and I love the way it came out!
 When you make the star blocks you trim off a corner and so I sewed them together and used the scraps for the outer border.

 I know they don't make triangles like a professional might do it, but I really like the random non fussy look!
I just did a big meander quilting job on this one. I was anxious to get it done-therapy I guess.
 I used this really cool fabric for the back-I've had it for quite awhile, so it was time to use it up!
 I think I'll sleep with this one for awhile!

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