Sunday, April 15, 2018

Fun Was Had By All...

So, I started cutting up this vintage panel to make into a quilt-likely for the church auction or something else, since the fabric was donated to me to use as I wish. It's cute, but I hope I can improve on the dated color scheme! So on to fun things!
 This little blond girl, Susan,  turns 30 this week and so DD and the rest of these friends-since-childhood ladies got together to surprise her and celebrate!
 Hubs made her a platter of armadillo eggs-hot jalapeno stuffed peppers-her favorite!
 DD's got some serious party shoes on! Glitter Chuck Taylors? Who does that?!
Anytime these girls get together, it's bound to be fun-And bonus-Our favorite local band was playing that night too! Why the heck didn't I get a picture of Interstellar Cave Dweller?
Gotta love a little family beverage time. Only a few more of these ladies have birthdays coming up so I imagine we'll be at another 30th celebration at some point! We're so lucky that these "kids-HA" invite us to join them!

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