Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Riverside Antique Show Fun

 So 2 weeks ago-Jeepers, I got behind on blogging- DD and I went out to the antiques show at the casino in Riverside with our friend BJ. There's always something to see there!
 See that little brass anvil? Yeah, but $75 is waaay tooo much I think. It wasn't that cute.
 We always keep an eye out for Jadeite Jane Ray dinner ware for DDs collection. She tells me NO MUGS!
 Look there's a corn platter!
 If we could see a pair of S&P in Jadeite, we'd probably get em, but they usually are in pretty poor shape-the word Salt is almost always worn off.

 Oh and Christmas stuff. My favorite!
 I just love to look at all this old stuff...
I probably should have bought those balls, oh well, I bet we see them again at the next antique show! Now that the weather has finally turned to spring, DD came and burned off the hillside.
 Get all those winter weeds burned away!
 It was such a nice day!

Look Dennis & Ben came over to get Ben's motorcycle going. These goofy kids tried out the roller blades...Dennis thinks he can dance!
 Yeah, OK you can dance...sure, dance....
 Kids and dogs in the driveway, sounds like a movie doesn't it?
Speaking of dogs, here's the latest to join the pack. He is DDs roommate for now. His name is Tank....
 Stupid name for a dog, I call him little brown dog.
 He's just a pup, but pretty smart and sweet.
The rest of the dogs all do pretty well with him. There, now I think I'm all caught up! New quilt finish soon!!

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