Sunday, May 6, 2018

I'm A Genius....hahahahaha

 I'm a genius, see I figured out last fall that I could tape my quilt to a board in the garage and spray baste it with out making a mess in the house. However I also found out that when it gets too cold, spray baste doesn't stick well to anything.
 So now that the weather has cleared up and turned to spring, I decided to try again. I didn't have a space big enough to lay this kid sized quilt on, so I taped it to the garage door! This is the back of the quilt-right side down against the door, I just used masking tape to stick it up.
 Then I sprayed the backing and stuck on the batting. This is the first time I used this needled poly batting-it looks kind of thin, but the finished quilt washed up wonderfully. The batting stuck down just fine and I felt like I could use a little less spray to keep it together. I just smoothed it out and then sprayed the batting.....
 and stuck on the quilt top! I love spray basting, and it is the only way I will make a quilt sandwich. Doing it on a vertical surface instead of on a table top or counter top works the absolutely best!
I read all the time about how folks lay their quilt on the floor to pin it or baste it...OMG! Not these knees!! ANything is better than crawling on the floor!! Here's the way it all layers together.
 Backing, batting, and top, all smoothed down. The garage door has textured squares, but I didn't have any trouble with that making bumps in the fabric.
 When I was all done and took it down I was happy with the way it all laid nice and smooth.
Peeling off the masking tape was easy and I already posted the finished quilt HERE.
Now I'll try the garage door method for spray basting for a bigger quilt...when I have one done I mean!

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