Saturday, May 19, 2018

Mowing the Lawn and Sandy

 So my Darling gardener had lawn mower trouble. The belt came off- I thought it was a crop circle and she was abducted by aliens. But thankfully , no!
 So I got right after this little job, loosened the pulley
 and got the belt back on the correct way....see I'm a genius, because I made a copy of the belt diagram and keep it handy in the garage for just such an occasion. I think if she would keep the deck at a level 3 instead of level 2, the blades will not get hung up and cause the belt to jerk off the pulley. We'll see.
 THei is what we're doing on Saturday! Going to look at JUNK!
 Oh and Sandy got mowed too!She's so happy with a little buzz cut.

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