Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Back Roads Junk-it Trail

SO Darling daughter and me went and picked up my Mom and we headed out to see some junk.
 We didn't go to every stop on the trail-that would be a serious road trip!
 We stopped in Haverhill, Iowa first. What a cute shop at Picker's Emporium and Reclaimed Treasures. Look they even had some jadeite!
 I don't remember where I saw these picnic baskets, but they are sure pretty!
 We checked out the iron at another place...I really should make notes.
 This was probably the prettiest shop we went to. It was out on a gravel road near Baxter, Jonnie's Red Barn-every door you opened had an adorable display in it. There was no dust and she had such pretty things!
 ANother picnic basket-see how the top is different? Cute, huh!
 I think this lighting was at another shop in Baxter-Bushel and a Peck on Main street.
We had such a great time. It's always fun to talk in the car and choose where to go next. We made several other stops, but the rain moved in so we headed home. We just might need to do this again in the fall.

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