Saturday, May 26, 2018

Weekend Rest

Look at the peony bush-it's ready to pop! I went out front and ran a new flag up the pole.
 UPDATE_look at the peonies today! They just love this hot weather I guess! The neighbor has white ones-so pretty!

 It's a beautiful morning and who doesn't feel a bit patriotic when a bright new flag unfurls against the beautiful blue sky!
 Ringo was busy talking
 And I gotta mention how much I LOVE these things! Tide pods are pretty awesome at any rate, but these 4 in 1 with Downy? WOW!!!
 I just use one pod in my regular load and two pods if it's a full big load, and it's the just right amount of softening and good smelling and clean. I just have a good old fashioned top loader-nothing fancy here, but I would imagine if you have a fancy modern front loader you'll still get excellent results too.
If you've liked Tide pods you gotta try these 4 in 1 Tide Pods. Full disclosure, I bought these on sale at Target last week, I work for P&G, but they don't really know me, and I wouldn't blog about them unless I really did like would be great if they paid me like a bazillion dollars to say how much I like Tide Pods, but they didn't, so there ya go.

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