Monday, June 4, 2018

Weekend To Do List

 I found a little screw on the floor when I was sweeping the other day and hubs found one too....hmmm where do these screws go? A little detective work and here's the spot! This is the under side of our dining table. It's a lovely old table I was lucky enough to get from my family. This lever pulls the two halves of the table together when you remove a leaf. The little screws have become stripped out of the wood. I put a little Gorilla Glue on the screws and put them back in. Hope that will hold it for awhile!
 I've been wanting to do some work in the yard...look a butterfly....I love a good distraction.....
 anyways, I stopped by Lowe's to get some dirt to fill in the pots for the annual tomato plant planting. As I swung around the lot, I saw this....SCORE! $1 per bag for broken bags!!!  Load em up!
 I got some rocks for $1 too, I'm planning to fill this area out back with rocks and make it pretty instead of weeks and stuff.
 Plus then ,my gardener won't have to mow so close to the house.
And look, I got some new shoes to go on vacation. Ringo says they make a pretty good pillow.

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