Monday, June 11, 2018

Sitting on the Bench

 I was sitting in the back yard on the bench talking to my Mom on the phone, when Bob came up for a little pet. My Dad's been in the hospital in Des Moines since Wednesday,and today he had heart surgery.
 I've been routinely calling to check on things with my Mom in the mornings while the dogs play outside and it's nice and cool. I keep moving the bench around so my darling gardener won't have to mow around it. Bob must like it where it is right now.
The surgery went fine, they took a vein from his leg to replace some that were clogged. It's so unreal, that a heart issue is what put him in the hospital. Now an anvil falling on him, I would believe that, but who would ever guess a serious heart problem. I'm just thankful that Mom made him go to the ER to get checked out and the Doctors figured it all out.

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