Friday, June 15, 2018

Vacation Preparations

 So I'm planning to visit the Atlantic cost while I'm on cousin's vacation. I think I need a sun hat to keep my porcelain skin from becoming like a piece of bacon.  I found this hat that fits pretty good.....
 In addition to porcelain skin I have a big head too......and I need a place for my pony tail to come through. Well, yes, of course I have time to do an alteration before I have to leave in just a matter of hours! So I zig zagged a round button hole shape in the center back of the hat.
 Trimmed it close to the stitching and gave it a test fit.....
 It's a little too small-my pony tail won't fit through!!!
 SO I'll just enlarge it and I also noticed that an oval shape would work better so I oval-ed it a little bit.
 There all done and it works GREAT!!!!
 Let's see if I can get a photo....hmmm, how do kids do that???-they take pictures in the bathroom mirror all the time!!
 It's not as easy as it looks...maybe the other mirror will work better.......
Ahhh, there we go!!! It looks good doesn't it! Ok, now get packed!!

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