Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Boat & the Beach

 We arrived at Merritt Island after a wonderful Lupper at Aunt Bev's. The 3 musketeers!
 Looks like a beach to me! It's a really hot day around 90, but the breeze is awesome!
The water is just right, warm and salty!
 Beautiful skies, wonderful day at the beach...oh this is Lori Wilson Beach right there at Cocoa Beach FL. Really nice park with lifeguards-just like Baywatch! and restrooms and showers too!
When we'd had enough of the beach for one day we stopped for some lunch at Jenna's Breezeway. It was Mexican Monday-as opposed to Taco Tuesday- so that's what I had-2 tacos for $3-best deal-o-the-day! I'll post about "the boat" tomorrow!

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