Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Unique Boat Camping Experience

S0, I thought it would be fun to camp while we were in FLA-my DCK, That's Dear Cousin Kathy- mentioned that we would be together just like when we were kids camping with our grandparents! So genius that I am, I hit up Air BnB. And there I located a vintage boat that we could rent.
It'll be fun I thought, it'll be like when we were kids I thought, it'll be an adventure I thought.

 Well, it was like all of those things. One change is that we are all much older. So while we had a good time.....
 the boat wasn't exactly in the best repair. See those towels stuffed along the windows? There must be leaks in wet weather. You can see the bedroom area-oh I mean CABIN-we are on a boat ya know!
 Here's the little kitchen-Oh I mean Galley-see it's a boat.

 Here's the COZY little sleeping area-it actually goes underneath the stairs! Cute little space and the boat hosts obviously have a little girl who stays in this space. MCR (my Cousin Robin) stayed in this space.
Here's the head-see that's a bathroom on a boat. It was the shower and toilet all in one. See it was interesting and educational too! We had to turn on a switch to enable the pump every time we used the head.  

This is the view from the top of the steps facing the front of the boat. We did have a fun time and it did feel a lot like when we were kids camping-only with Netflix and air conditioning it was a pretty good success. We chose to only stay one night, because we are older now and appreciate the finer things in life like full size bathrooms and big comfy beds. #cousinsvacation

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