Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Wonderful World of Disney

 So when one visits Florida, one does not miss the chance to visit Disney World! Oddly enough, there's no turn out parking place to take pictures at the entrance.
Here's the map you get at the beginning.
 We took the ferry to the Magic Kingdom! One could also take the bus, or the train. We went in the afternoon because we wanted to see the magical fireworks.
 I met Walt-he's sitting with Minnie and me.....
 And took the customary selfie in front of Main Street before heading up to Sleeping Beauty's Castle.
A nice lady there took this shot of MCR, Me, My Aunt Beverly, and MCK.
 MCR=My Cousin Robin    MCK=My cousin Kathy....I'm fun that way, right?
 There was a fun dancing singing parade just as we got on main street.
 Here comes Mickey & Minnie! They have employees clear the street as the parade approaches.
 It was fun to see the parade-Its the Move it! Shake it! Dance & Play it! Parade! and they make sure you get the happy music in your head!!!
 Now on to Sleeping Beauty's Castle!
 Look at the pretty mosaics in the hallway through the castle.
 The story is all pictured here. Then on to Fantasyland!
 The it was just a short hike over to Ariel's Undersea Grotto! I MET AERIAL!!!!
 We chatted a little bit-she said she loved being a Princess!
 She was very sweet and really looked great!!
 Here's what the grotto looked like from the outside.....
 and you could go on the ride if you like rides, not for me though!
 We hiked over to Gaston's Tavern, I had a Lefou's Brew-it's like slushy apple juice -very delicious and a giant cinnamon roll too! YUM!!!
 Then MCs pooped out on me....yes, it was 100 degrees out and 100% humidity, and they had all been here before....but we're at the Magic Kingdom!!!!!!!! Surprisingly there are not a lot of benches or seating around. SO when they scored a seat they sat!LOL! MCs should have had the cinnamon roll!LOL!!!!!  SO I went around the rest of the Magic Kingdom on my own!
 Here's Tomorrowland-That's the Tomorrowland Speedway, the wait time to ride it was over an hour! FastPass is the thing to do here!!!
 This is the Carousel of Progress! It's the original idea of Walt and you get to go in an air conditioned space and sit for 20 minutes while the whole theater moves in a circle.
 Each of the stages that the theater takes you through tells the story of the progress of technology. All with a catchy tune-There's a great big beautiful tomorrow Shining at the end of every day There's a great big beautiful tomorrow And tomorrow's just a dream away!
 It was a fun relaxing show! Very retro!
 I don't have a lot of time and I want to make it to all the LANDS! Off I go from Tomorrowland
 Back though FantasyLand-there's the Circus with the famous Dumbo ride...
 and It's A Small World ride too! See that wait time?
 Passing though Liberty Square-there's the Haunted Mansion!
 Then over to Frontierland-this is Splash Mountain-I think I could have done this, but no time today!
 I walked quickly over to Adventureland-I chuckled to myself, because we have Adventureland in Iowa, you know!!!
 The Tortuga Tavern and the Pirates of the Caribbean are here.
 And the Swiss Family Robinson's Tree House is here too!
 It's starting to get dark so I need to hop over to where MCs are waiting for me. It was sooo HOT! I don't blame them for not wanting to do the long walk with me! It took me about an hour to just do the big loop-20 minutes at the Carousel of Progress though-, if I had more time (and didn't sweat myself to death) I would have gone into a few more places maybe.
 And the crowd to see the fireworks was just packed like sardines in a can!! Standing, no blankets or seating anywhere!! SRO! No breeze here either!
But totally beautiful! And Tinkerbell made her appearance too! Only I missed getting her picture! Darn it! Well that's all the World we got to see. I guess I need to make another trip!LOL!! One other thought I noticed while we were there...not a lot of people are smiling and having as much fun as one would think. I know I was, but there's a lot of stress too, long wait times, hot, crowded, and if you don't appreciate crowds, this is not the place for you! I still think I'd go back though!!

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