Monday, June 25, 2018

Mornings at the Beaches in FLA

 SO we made it over to the beach-thank goodness-this is the beach at Lori Wilson Park. We got there early enough to rent lounge chairs and an umbrella for $25! DEAL!!!!
 It was wonderful. The beach on the right coast-near Cocoa Beach- is like course ground pepper, not super smooth and very hot to walk on! The water though is great! Warm and salty!LOL!
We stopped at Jenna's Breezeway for lunch after a stop at the Ron Jon Surf Shop for souvenir shopping. Mexican Monday-2 tacos for $3, best deal of the day!!
On Wednesday we went to the left coast, Clearwater Beach! On the way we came across this restaurant, And since it was raining stopped in for a little lunch.
 Pete & Shorty started out in Iowa and came here back in the 70's.
 The original bar is in Clarksville, Iowa and is memorialized in a picture here.
 They have a really great looking outdoor patio with this water feature!
The rain passed by, like it does most days, so we hit Clearwater Beach!
 Beautiful beach! Soft white sand on the left coast. We brought our own chairs this time.
 The water is so warm! And the beach has tons of seashells-I scooped up a handful!
 And there's a pirate ship! They take folks around the bay sightseeing. We had a great time watching the people in kayaks and jetskis. The breeze was perfect-keep a hold of your umbrella though!
Clouds started to move in so we moved on to see the Sunshine Skyway Bridge South of Tampa. The traffic was crazy around Tampa,
 We saw Tampa Bay's firefighters at an accident-imagine that...they all drive like they're on fire!!
 The Sunshine Skyway Bridge is about 4 miles long and it rained like crazy until we got in sight of it....
 I hung out the window to get pictures, but it was kind of foggy, and I didn't do a very good job....
 I always think they should have scenic turnouts at these places, but they never do!
 I really doesn't look like much approaching it, but wow, is it a big bridge!!!

 It's probably some kind of modern marvel of cable bridges

 Here's a better picture from Google
 Anyways, we stopped on the far side and you can see it in the distance, but it's pretty foggy after all the rain.
So that was about all the beach fun on this trip. I could hang around the ocean all day long, but the Row by Row Quilt challenge started on THursday so we made the rounds....I'll post that adventure soon!

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