Friday, August 3, 2018

Library Book Sale Today

So I stopped by the Coralville, Iowa Public Library today-it's book sale day!
 Because I participated in the Summer Reading Program, I had a coupon for a free book! It's always fun to see what they have. Look here's cool old sheet music! I think I'll pass on the copy of you Light Up My Life......
 I got a quilt book for free and then as I was leaving I picked up a book from the free rack too!
Lookie here. the free book was wrapped in an old newspaper from Clinton Iowa, from 1870! Some one a loooong time ago made a book cover out of this newspaper!
 There are at least 4 grocery stores advertising in this paper.
 Very interesting stuff!Look Dress Coat and millinery supplies are in stock for spring! I bet they were pretty back then!
 And I guess you could make money just by advertising your junk...somethings never change do they!!

 Here's the title page of the book. I have no idea what that language is! I thought it was German, but Google Translate doesn't translate it as German.
 So I tried Swedish and Dutch too-no luck. Oh well it's a fun little mystery!
 I'm pretty sure it's not a fun novel to read, it looks like some kind of rules and regulations or something like that. No fun!
I'm going to post it on the Iowa Forgotten History Page on Facebook-someone there will know all about it, I'm sure!

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