Friday, July 27, 2018

Choose Your Own Adventure QAL

I've been QAL-ing, (that's Quilt A Long-ing) with the Moda Bake Shop Choose Your Own Adventure. Here's the beginning LINK
So this QAL is a medallion quilt. Every week the  Moda Bakeshop hostess posts the round for the week. The choose your own adventure comes in when they also post an alternative block! 
You can choose to make either path and they all have cute summer camp names for the QAL.
 I chose the Path B  center medallion called Star Points, then the border posted on Sunday, then the next round I chose Path A called Four Points.
 Then the corner stones were posted and I used them too! They are called Tulip Field.
Look here's the postcard from camp they send every week! Oda May is the fictional Moda Bakeshop quilter that is our camp leader!
 Then I made the polka dotted border, then it was time for a big round called Over the River. It's a lot of blocks called Granny Squares. It took a long time! But by the time I got done they were getting better and better looking! The it was the round called Goose Grove using a bunch of flying geese blocks and the alternative block is called Arrowhead Lake, I combined the two options! It went pretty quickly!
And here we go! Here's the current border added on just last night! The next round just posted, I think I'll see what the corner stones look like before I choose my adventure for this round! I'm getting a little low on my correctly colored scraps!I'll keep you psted when I get it done!


Shannon Dario said...

This is just adorable, Bonnie. I love these colors. I wish you lived closer. Everytime I look at your quilts, I want to get my poor lonely machine out or look at the unfinished blocks I have. Maybe someday, you can help me get mine finished. A girl can dream!

knuckstermom said...

We need a Sewing Day!