Monday, September 3, 2018

Not Enough Hours in the Weekend!

So, I had a lovely lunch and shopping spree in Valley Junction in West Des Moines Iowa with my cousin Shannon...I was bad and didn't take one single photo! But we did go to several quilt shops and a paper store too! Such a great time! And we also had lunch at the General Store Eatery in Valley Junction. Delicious!
Then it was over to Mom & Dad's to visit a little. Dad was out in the garage, of course!
 I visited with him and his anvils for a little bit.
 He's getting a pretty big collection going again. But he'll sell you one any time!
 This one has been abused-are those bullet marks????!
 And before I left town I had to stop for a maid rite. SOooooo good!
 Marshalltown still has a long way to go to be back to normal after the tornado hit them last month.Coming along on 3rd Ave, you can see all the tarps on roofs, and the trees are just totally torn up. The entire South East side was really hit hard.
 Even out on West Main street, which has some of my favorite old houses to look at, there is a lot of damage. Trees are just gone, roofs are damaged or missing, and windows are broken everywhere.
Main street through Downtown is mostly open, one lane in places though. The rainy weather is sure not helpful to get work done. Next I'll get to the Family Reunion on Sunday!

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