Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Family Reunion 2018

SO here we are agian, Forbes Family Reunion 2018.
 My Aunt Francie and MCR-making the famous taco salad-Aunt Francie makes it every year and it's delicious!
 Mom & Dad were here of course and that's my Mom's cousin Beverly on the right. Does that make her my 2nd cousin? I dunno, she's a super sweet lady.
 MCR with her brother Tony. Tony and his wife were here this year from Southern Missouri.
 April and her daughter Jordyn, such a fun kiddo! She helped watch over Bob & Zaidee's pup during lunch.
 And here's Bob & Zaidee...hmmm, maybe my 2nd cousins or maybe once removed? I dunno, anyways-Mom's cousin!
 I'm calling this the original kids generation. L-R Marilyn Sanderson (my Mom), Beverly Forbes, Karen Huston, Betty Forbes Ghio, Bob Forbes, Frances Smith.
 And here's the whole group this year. Not a bad turn out!
I acted as the official photographer-so I had to do the selfie! Until Next year!

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