Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Back Roads Junk It Trail With Mom

 So it's that time again-the Back Roads Junk It Trail! DD, Mom and me went last year and visited quite a few shops. We cut back this year and only visited a few of the more North East shops. One stop not on the map was Kathy's Barn-jeepers does she have stuff!! Building after building of stuff!
 Then we stopped in Gladbrook for lunch at a newer place called Spanky's.
 Mom had the meatloaf special.
 I had Francis's  grilled cheese Pizza sandwich. Our server told us they had a little contest going where they all thought of a special,and this sandwich was one they came up with. It was quite good!
 They are very reasonably priced and the building used to be a movie theater in the olden days. Our service was great and the food was very good. Excellent stop!
 We stopped at a shop called The Old Mill Road-lots of nice things there-they are closing the shop after this event though. Then I felt like we should have a little fabric fix.
 So we popped over to Conrad, Iowa and stopped at Hen & Chicks Studio. I had never been there, but it's a cute shop. It's in an old store front, and I am in love with the floor and the grate in it as well as the front door!
 They have lots of nice fabric and they are famous for their retreat space.
 And of course we had to stop at Ken's Collection! My Aunt Francie's husband Ken has a huge collection of stuff. His is the cleanest, most organized collection you will ever find! He had this little anvil-too expensive for me though.
 And his entire shop is just full of good stuff. And not a speck of dust anywhere. 
 I did get a bag of tennis balls from him for only $8-he was asking $10!LOL I think I'm the only one who got a deal!!
Such a fun day cruising the back roads with my Mom. Looks like we need to make this an annual event now!

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