Sunday, October 14, 2018

Another Baby Quilt Finished

I still can't get over just how pretty these flowers are! 
 I just love the roses-they are opening a little more every day.
 Anyways, Darling Daughter has a co worker who has a new baby girl, so a Baby Quilt is needed!
 I used my favorite star block from over at cluck cluck sew, no point stars. And selected the pinks from my stash. And then added the green to coordinate with the cute bicycle print.
 Ringo "helped" me cut the border strips. He keeps laying on my work when he thinks I need to be paying him more attention!
 There, I added the little sashing strips with corner stones, and the the bicycle print border.
 Pretty darn cute! Now I'm going to see how my magnets do on this larger quilt. Outside I go to spray baste.
 So far so good, there's a little breeze, but the magnets hold the backing fabric nice and secure.
 After a light spray of adhesive, the batting sticks great. I moved the magnets on top of the batting on the top edge to keep it in place a little better with the light breeze.
 And then another light spray and the top goes on. And it's all good!
 Yay! The magnets are holding like champs!
 The magnets work great! I do wish my garage door was smooth, but the small textured box shapes are pretty wasy to smooth over. No wrinkles!
 And here's the finish! I used a mix of the greens to make enough binding.
 It turned out so cute!
 I do love this little girly quilt. It measures about 36"X45" and has a nice soft feel after a quick wash.
Off she goes to the new baby!

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