Friday, October 12, 2018

Birthday Bingo

 So, if you go to Meskwaki Bingo & Casino over in Tama Iowa on your birthday, you get a credit so you can play almost free. I grabbed my bingo dauber tote bag and headed out!
 Except for a little detour! The water was over the road over near Belle Plaine, so I took a detour, which also had water over the road, until I finally made my way though the back-roads of rural Iowa to the casino!
 They have new computers! YAY! they are sleek little tablet like devices. I also got a paper card so I could daub cards too...and have more chances to win!
 So this guy was sitting right behind me...can you see he's got a bald spot on his head? Well I kept looking and I couldn't figure it out.....
 He has a tattoo on his head!!!!!!!!! It's a character pushing a lawn mower!!! Seriously, I've seen quite a few tattoos, but really?? I couldn't get a really good picture-the overhead lighting was a glare on his head. Anyways, I was amused.
 And SURPRISE! I broke the losing streak! I had to split the pot with another winner, but I got $50!! So even with the detours, it was worth it!
 Then my DD, brought me cupcakes and flowers! WOW! Are those the most beautiful roses!! They are just lovely!! And cupcakes from Scratch Bakery. YUM!
SO I had a lucky day! Who could ask for a better birthday!

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