Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Birthday Posts!

Happy Birthday to Me!!
I finished a couple of projects recently, but waited to post until they were sent off to their recipients.
 I dipped into my stash of Iowa themed fabrics to make this pretty table runner. I sent it off to my cousin and his wife in FLA. They were kind enough to have us over for supper while we visited on cousin's vacation.
 The cream colored fabric has all of Iowa's 99 counties printed on it, and the gray back fabric has all of the counties shown in a postage cancellation stamp with the date of it's commencement, it goes with the post card print with Iowa scenes on it.

I used the masking tape trick to make the straight quilting lines on this project.

 Then I made this little runner for my Aunt Bev. She let us stay with her when we were on Cousin's Vacation. She has a lovely home and I was glad we could spend time with her there!
 It has a white version of  Iowa  fabric-with bicycles too! My lighting kind of makes it look off color. I paired it with some little pink and gray heart print fabric and a few strips of the love letters fabric too. This was the first time making the Friendship braid design. It went pretty well.  The Post Office web site says these little gifts will be delivered today! It's a lucky day all around! I'm off to play birthday bingo since I took the day off!

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