Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Non-Jelly Roll Rug!

So the big trend I've noticed on Quilter blogs and such is to make a jelly roll rug.  Well we all know I'm too cheap to buy a jelly roll, but I have a ton of strip scraps!Look at this! I have already made a quilt top(I'll tell you about that later) and I STILL have this many stripy scraps....
 So I cut up almost all of the blue green family of strip scraps into 2 1/2" strips and then cut up all the batting scraps I had in my batting drawer. All those strips I get when I trim off the edges of a quilt are now going in a rug!
 I watched a few on line videos,and they all say to buy the pattern...whatever....Who needs a pattern for this! I see the technique, so away we go! All you do is layer the batting with the fabric, fold the edges to the middle, then fold it over-just like bias tape from a package- then sew along the edge to make a looooong rope of rug.
 One of the tips I saw on a video, was to keep the surface level as you sew the rope into a rug, so I stacked up my collection of Block magazines to make a level surface. See-why would I buy a table extension? LOL!
 Here we go! It's coming along really well.
See, you just use a wide zigzag stitch to put the whole thing together.
 I made a really long rope, so it's taking a really long time-like 2 hours to stitch it around.
 All done except-oopsy!! I had to go back and restitch a couple of places where I missed matching the edges on the way around the rug!
And here it is all done! I'm putting this one in the bathroom! It looks much better than I thought it would! It finished about 25" X 45" and I've noticed, since it's been on the floor a little while, it kind of stretches/flattens out so it's growing an inch or two!