Sunday, November 25, 2018

Thanksgiving Saturday

We had beautiful weather to travel to Julie's for Thanksgiving Saturday!
 She had the turkey & the Ham...does anyone else see the humor of a vegetarian carving the turkey?
Lovely Jean and Darling Dannie were rustling kids...Dannie was taking care of the little Reynolds boys for the day.

 So much wonderful food! Macaroni & Cheese, stuffing, mashed taters green bean casserole and PIE!!
 The kids are filling up....There's a chore for them to do after lunch.

 Dannie & Mom talking with little Mason...he's a polite fella!
 Pa Knuckey...
 Julie and Chloe, she loved having the kids around.
 James & Dad relaxing after lunch
 And time for the chore....Julie purchased a cover for her little horse trailer and the job is to get it on! The kids made pretty short work of it!
 All in all a very nice day! So thankful for the family time!