Saturday, November 17, 2018

Toaster Joy

So after, I'm guessing, 15 years of service, our toaster quit working. The handle wouldn't stay down for stayed down for Hubs though! LOL! Maybe operator error? Well, I think we're due for a new one! So I checked around on line and ordered this little beauty from Target. So, did you know you can order on line and then go to the store and they have what you ordered ready fro you to pick up? I thought, This will save me some time on my way to work. Ha! Not so much. You just end up standing in the order pick up line instead of the check out line. Not such a time saver. Anyways....
 MMM, bagels-it has a bagel button, so when you put the cut sides of the bagel towards the outsides, and press the bagel button,it only toasts that side! WOW! New technology!
 Look at that, perfectly toasted bagel! Somehow I bet this new toaster doesn't last as long as the old one...but you never know-for $16.99 I think we got a good deal!
 And we have some measurable snow today! The dogs always love it!
And I'm working on getting my scrap strips used up to a manageable level....snort...funny!!!

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