Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Catching Up

 SO I am just a little bit'll have that.
Anyways, I went and voted....
 And I broke the law...I always take a picture of my ballot.....and this time, I had a write in vote...It just seems wrong that the County Attorney has no one running against her, and she's been it for a long time...hang on Google....jeeze since 2006!. This guy I know would have made a great County Attorney. He doesn't know it, but there you have it, democracy in action. Maybe next year.
 And it's that time of year, rotate the yard equipment...lawn mower to the back of the garage, bring out my friend the snow blower. Hopefully, I won't need to use it any time soon.....
 But we did get a little dusting of snow earlier this month. Just enough for the dogs to be happy.
That'll do.