Thursday, November 8, 2018

Little Snappy Project

 I had an email that mentioned how easy these little snappy bags were to make so I thought I'd try it out! My Mom made some of these a few years ago, and they were pretty cute, so here we go.
 I had a little tape measure that wouldn't go back in it's case, so it was the perfect thing to try out this project. You just cut the metal tape measure to size, then cover the sharp ends with a bit of tape. These bags are lined, with a layer of scrap batting in between. You make a pocket for the tape out of the lining layer.
 And a little square folded to make tabs on each side. Then just sew up the sides and  TA-DA!
 I sent these down to the church bazaar. I'll hope they all sold!
 My scraps are getting a little bit out of control again, I better make something else out of them!
Here's the video from Riley Blake designs so you can make some too! These might just make an appearance at Christmas!

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