Thursday, December 13, 2018

Log Cabin Scraps

 This big quilt looks really good.......from a little ways away!
 My bins that hold scrap strips were overflowing, so I thought I'd get them emptied out....easy peasy!

 So I chose to make this log cabin quilt-what better way to use random width strips, right?
 The finish looks pretty good, however, a closer look shows what happens when one does not measure strips...
 The blocks are a little in, not nice and flat as one would like.
 They are good looking blocks though!!
 I decided to forage ahead! No little bumps are going to stop me from emptying my strip bins!
 I got done with the blocks and there was still a lot of scraps left, so what to do...Ah! Yes, piano keys border! That will use some up!
 So off we go!
 I put the blocks in all the same direction....the dark corners and light corners all the same way.
 Looks good...except for those bumps....
 And added a red narrow border, and then the piano key style border! I LOVE it!
 That'll get those bins empty, you'd think...but nope, there is still quite a bit in them...

Still not I made the rag rug..remember that?
 Still not empty, but I need to move on....
 Here's the finished quilt! I worked really hard to meander those bumps down into submission!
And was pretty successful!

 It's a big quilt, so I pieced the backing using up some fabric that I just love the look of, but couldn't figure out a project for.

 The Fleur de lis/paisley looking fabric is a favorite I've had for awhile and the camera fabric is so cute, but what else to do with it?
 Quilt back to the rescue! It looks great! And I'm using what I have on hand-always a good thing!
 Scrappy front and scrappy back too. I'm so trendy!
 I washed it up and the little puckers that remain are just barely noticeable if you go looking for them.

It's a really heavy and HOT quilt. I had to test it out one night.
I think I'll let it lay around on the Bob's Room bed. And those scrap bins are still kind of full, but I gotta get busy on Christmas stuff!!

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