Monday, December 10, 2018

Sunday-Things Are Changing

So it was Mom's birthday on Sunday, so I popped over there to change a light bulb for her. Dad's not so great on a ladder these days and so , well....I did it for her.  While I was there she said she wanted to change her sewing machine table.
 SO Dad and I measured all the tables available in the basement, and decided the old enamel top table would be the best fit.See it does fit well!
 And across the street, the school building in Albion, Iowa is being torn down. Sad, but decades of no maintenance and the roof was pretty much shot and there was asbestos and when the school district consolidated and closed this school, that was all she wrote.
 This building was the background of my childhood-I attended from K-6 grade there, and we played over at the school all summer long! We'd climb that fire escape stairway-so daring!!
 Playing on the merry-go-round, the teeter totters and the monkey bars and the highest slide! Well it probably wasn't that high in reality.
 The pile of rubble is where the gym and lower grades had class. It was a "new Addition" probably in the 50's I guess.
 You can see the sunshine through the windows in the upper floor in this picture-the roof is just gone...Mrs. Black's class room if I remember correctly.
 Really beautiful old building, but like so many old things that need a lot of maintenance, it would be cost prohibitive to keep it.
 Good bye my dear old school.
The view from the front yard will not be the same.

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