Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Three Christmases

 Well Christmas time and Birthday time too. Since The kids were with us this year, we celebrated Kevin's 12th birthday, before the Christmas stuff takes over. We had tacos this year at Mom & Dad's it was all good food, but I think we'll try something different next year.
 We also tried a new gift exchange idea, a grab bag instead of drawing names. I think we'll go back to drawing names next year.
 It worked out OK, but I think we all liked more personalized gifts better.
Still all went well and we were lucky enough to have James & Julies be here too. So on to the next Christmas, at our house! We kind of impromtuly decided to let the kids open presents at our house on eve eve too.
 Bean had planned to have Kevin's birthday at her Mom's, but that went by the wayside due to a bingo commitment, so we filled in. Another birthday cake is never a bad thing!
 Gifts for everyone, Jean wanted an Instant Pot so we'll see how that goes over the coming days!
 I succeeded in surprising Dannie with a fold up wagon!
I  just love it when she is surprised!
 Hubs got a little meat grinder that I saw at Aldi's and though might be handy for him.
 The kids all got clothes and a book and candy. Not too much excitement about those gifts!
 But then Jean was prepared in advance and it was time to make the cookies!
Caitlynn, is practicing her selfie technique here!
 So Jean's sister Christie and her hubs and girls came over to help make cookies-and to watch their beloved Steelers play football too. Jean's oven is on the fritz, so we had the house full!
 The kids all had a good time rolling and cutting and Jean was in charge of baking.
Many hands made short work of it!

It was such fun to have all the busy-ness going on. Sadly the Steelers lost. But we have one more Christmas to go! Off to Aunt Francie & Ken's for the traditional Christmas eve time.
 I built a cookie platter to go,
 And we had a nice lunch with Mom & Dad, Francie, Ken, Dannie & Robin.
 Robin required some first aid-she cut her finger with the kitchen knife, thankfully we have a medical care professional in our family!
And we read the Christmas story, and sang the old hymns-with the help of my amazon music playlist! Always a nice time with the family, and we always reminisce about the Christmases past. SO that about wraps it up. We'll have Turkey Tuesday today with who ever drops by. Merry Christmas to all!

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