Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Gifted Projects

 I used some Frond fabric that I've had on the stash shelf for a few years. I love the fabric, but couldn't figure out a project.  It's really unique fabric and I think it was pretty early in the Frond fabrics line. SO I was killing some time with Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Co, and saw her 4 patch lattice tutorial.
 I thought it would work well with the neutral fat quarters I had and the Frond fabrics.
 Keep it simple, right? Let the fabric do the talking!
 I love how this came out. I wasn't sure I could get it done in time for gifting-and which gift exchange would be the best one for it to go to either.
 But it washed up very nicely, I almost don't want to give it away.....
 But I boxed it up and wrapped it so I wouldn't be tempted. I don't need any more throw size quilts, right?.....maybe!
 Then DD brought me a little project for one of her associates. She purchased scrub hats for her surgical team, and hoped to have them embroidered with" Pediatric Urology Stream Team" (urine humor-hahahaha) but ran into trouble finding a place to do it. I'll try.


I did a bunch of practice runs to figure out the placement of the letters. There's only so much room to use.

And the finished hats came out pretty good. I only messed up one.....then had to scramble to town and locate a replacement! I think in the future I'll only do one offs. One is easy, but 5 is not so easy. And none of them are exactly the same.

 Hopefully no one will notice!

 Then I wanted to make some of these potholders from the pattern I got over in Ankeny last Summer.
They came out really cute and sew up pretty fast. Mom ended up getting these in the gift exchange at Aunt Francie's on Christmas Eve. I think that's all the gifts I did this year.
Now I have an idea about reusable shopping bags!

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