Friday, January 25, 2019

Visiting Polly Ann's

 I took my sister over to Mt Vernon last Saturday-I got fabric-she did not. Anyways, we stopped by the other shops in the Old School there. A couple of antique shops, a flower and decor shop and a vintage clothing shop. Then across the street is Polly Ann's Antiques.
 The little house is just packed with all kinds of fun things!
 The textile room!
 the basement is full of manly stuff.....
 and there is kitchen stuff everywhere-honestly, I couldn't take enough pictures to do it justice.
I ended up with a few pairs of add to the collection, you know.
 This pair was kind of interesting, it says Hargreaves Smith & Co Sheffield
on the blade it says Cast Steel. They actually cut pretty well, and Google thinks they might be about 100years old! Anyways, it was a nice day to get out with my sister-we'll have to do it again soon!

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