Thursday, March 7, 2019

A Delivery

Here's the finished product! My Dear cousin took this nice picture.
 She made these quilt blocks and wasn't too motivated to complete the project, so I took her UFO (unfinished Object) and finished it!
 It was the first time I tested out the magnets holding the quilt to the garage door. It worked pretty slick...if it wasn't so cold out, I'd do it this way all the time!
 Her blocks are sure pretty aren't they!
 I added the wider borders to get it to a bigger size. It seemed a little small for a couch throw.
 I got a little bit fancy with the quilting-well fancy for me...
 A few of the blocks were not exactly flat so I had to meander carefully to keep them wrinkle free!
 You'd never even notice it in the completed quilt.
 And as a little bonus, I saw this drum fabric when Iwas on vacation and thought it would be perfect as throw pillows. So with the leftover quilt fabric, I made the backs with buttons to close it up.
 They sure came out nice I think!
 SO there's another good finish! Well it's from last year, but I wanted her to be surprised so I just now got around to deliver them and blog about them!
On to the next project!

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Shannon Dario said...

Thank you, again! I love my quilt and pillows. They are perfect! More than I imagined!