Sunday, March 3, 2019

Des Moines Road Trip

 So Lovely Jean and Uber Son loaded up and we headed to Des Moines to go to the "Largest Craft Show In Iowa!"...That's what the advertising said.  But first we stopped at the flea market, which was also at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Honestly, the flea market was free, and lots more fun. There is always something interesting to see there!

 But since we paid $6 a head to go see crafts, we did go see crafts. There are these big signs posted inside the venue, saying not to take photos. I didn't actually SEE these signs until I had already taken a few photos, so well, you we go! The biggest trends, I think......
 Signs. Signs made of wood, boards, metal, windows, you name it there was a sign for you. I also saw several booths that were selling quilts and fabric items. I was surprised to see the kid sized quilts made from a panel were going for $45 and up. Sorry, no picture..I wasn't trying to be bad....
 Jewelry made from recycled materials. Like silverware, and lots of bracelets and necklaces and earrings made from found items, like watch parts, little keys and knick knacks.
 I snapped a photo of these cool wooden banks made from post office doors, and the guy there told me I would get in trouble for taking pictures. Nice guy and very cool banks! Unfortunately, they were a little out of my budget priced at $60 each and up.
The absolutely best part of the day...Tasty Tacos! I had never been, but Jean & Ben had been here lots of times. Look at this tray full! They make their flour shell tacos with the tortilla lightly fried, so it's crispy and delicious! And look at those flour tortilla nachos! My hubby makes them for me at home because no place around here serves them this way! I can't wait to go back here!!!

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