Friday, March 22, 2019

It's Always Complicated

 So we have an OK stove in the kitchen, but the hood doesn't function well at all. Hubs really wants to upgrade so we went shopping around.
 We narrowed it down to these two models.
 He wanted double ovens, convection cooking, and the broiler on top and grates that go all the way across the top.
 We went with this one. The Kitchenaid.
 Now to get the area ready for installation. First we had to call the plumber to move our gas line over 6" because the model we chose has a cutout on the back for the gas fitting that is on the left. It's always something right? I want to get rid of the cabinet and put in a hood with a chimney.  Our sales person thinks e should just go with an under-cabinet model to make installation easier.
 Well I have never been a fan of that weird cabinet so it's outta here! Not too hard to do.....
 Our friend John the Electrician came over to move the electrical outlet for looks so nice!
 I mudded the dry wall and patched the holes.
 Then I made a template for the model hood that the salesman was ordering for us. Well, well well...lookie there, the hole in the wall has to move anyways sooooo I'm getting the model with a chimney!
 SO we had a carpenter come and put a new hole in the wall. And then I went ahead and moved the electrical wire over and up, because the hood with the chimney is hard wired not plug in like the under cabinet model.
 It's one thing after another! But now look! I got the holes patched again, and plastered and Spackled.
So here it is ready for me to sand the wall a little and wait for the installers to come.

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