Saturday, March 23, 2019

And It's Done!!

 The installers arrived and went right to work. They are putting in the hood first.
 Oh boy-here she is! The pretty new Kitchenaid range.
 The installers finished with the hood and chimney and then I made them step aside so I could install the stainless steel back splash sheet metal. I used Industrial glue-Liquid nails, and slapped it up, then put ion the screws-mainly because the holes were already in the sheet metal. Looks Good!
 Then the installers hooked up the gas and plugged in the range. They tested it to make sure it was all working properly  It looks great!
 It's going to take a little bit of practice to learn to use all the new features. Hubs is getting it figured out.
 So today I had to replace the trim along the ceiling, and spackle a couple of little cracks/dents that show behind the hood.
I am truly NOT a trim carpenter! I made a few minute job take over 2 hours! And it is OK, but not the greatest. I figure I'll need to remove the trim again down the road when I decide to paint or tile or something. I'm so glad to be done!

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