Monday, April 8, 2019

A Big Finish

 I've been working on this double dresden quilt for quite awhile now.....
 I got the special ruler at the quilt show awhile back, and started making the plates.
 It's not hard to make the plates, but it is tedious to make them well.
 Twelve of them was enough for me-I'm just making this up as I go.
 Now to decide if I should have sashing between the blocks or not...
 Ringo, says yes, sashing...after you go outside with me!
 OK, so here we go....I made a couple more plates to cut apart for the corners.
 They aren't just perfect that's for sure, but they are interesting.
 And add one more border to make it a little bit bigger. It's about Queen size.
 Now out to the garage door to spray baste.
 It was a nice sunny day on Saturday, the colors look so pretty with the black background.
 I used my magnets and got it all sprayed in no time. There was a little breeze, so it was good I had lots of magnets! I just did  all over meandering quilting with variegated thread in bright colors. It looks great!
 Ready for binding, I love a good looking corner....
 These a pretty darn perfect!
 And here it is all done! I hung it in the tree to try to get a good picture before the dogs came to HELP!
 This is one of the biggest quilts I've made, and I like how it came out!
 It's all scraps except for the black background fabric-it's Kona Cotton that I bought at Joann's.
Here's the pieced backing. I used a really lightweight batting from Hobby Lobby, but this is still a pretty heavy quilt. Now to get it in the wash!

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Shannon Dario said...

Just gorgeous. Love the variegated thread on the black and the borders are so pretty. I love it. You have out done yourself on this one!