Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Saturday Drive About

 On Saturday I drove over to Wellman Iowa, to Duwa's Auction House. They had a large sale advertised, so I thought it might be fun to check it out.
 Lots of interesting things to see there, and a nice clean auction house too.  They had some things outside, and more stuff in another part of the main building.
 And lots of stuff in the main building.
 Look here's an anvil-it went for a lot more than I could have paid-$380 was the final price-there were a couple of guys there that really went all out to get it. Dad says it's a pretty good one though-Peter Wright.
 Gosh if I wait around long enough, maybe I can get one of these beauties!
 I'll get a treadle machine one of these days-it's my plan to have a marketable skill if the country collapses and the power grid goes just never know, right?
 More pretty stuff I saw at the sale...
 Now here's the thing I thought I might bid on for DD to add to her collection. These look pretty good.Oh and that daisy churn in the picture there went for $120!!!
And I got 'em for only $20!
Then I drove over to the Riverside casino to their annual Antique show.
 Lots of Christmas and other holiday stuff....too rich for me though.
 Look this vendor has a bunch of Jadeite....
 SO does this one.....
 These are sure pretty aren't they.
 And lookie here-just like what I got at the auction....If you look close, they are asking $75 for the pair of salt & pepper.
 I had a fun day and got a good deal too I think!

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