Tuesday, April 16, 2019

It's That Time Again

 I spent a few minutes in the garage over the weekend and rotated the snow blower with the lawn mower. It's about time to start mowing.
 On Saturday I stopped at the High School and participated in the Drive One For Your School event sponsored by Junge Ford. The deal is, you go and drive a new car and they contribute $20 for each test drive to the school.
 I drove this big diesel pick up! I figured, I'll never be able to afford one, so it's time to test drive.
 If the upholstery wasn't such an ugly color, I would have been even more impressed-it was a really nice drive. Sun roof, all kinds of bells and whistles-running boards that automatically pop out to step on...pretty cool!
 But at $68,330.00 I'll never have one of these big trucks! Oh wait there's a $500 discount ONLY $67,830.
Good thing they gave the school $20 for my test drive! Jeepers!!!

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