Saturday, April 27, 2019

Rainy Day Trip

So we have  some crazy weather today-rainy with a chance of SNOW!- so I decided I better find an indoor activity today!
 So I drove over to Kalona, Iowa to visit the Quilt Sale. SO many lovely quilts to see.

 I took pictures of just a few of the quilts available for sale.

 Ok, maybe more than a few.....

 There was a nice display of antique/vintage quilts as well as "new" quilts too. All of them were hand quilted though.

 They have a really nice community center in Kalona.

 Isn't this one pretty! I love the way the colors melt together.

 This is the 12K quilt, I wonder if they sold it? And the Cathedral Windows Quilt was so pretty too!
I didn't buy one...sooo SURPRISED...Way out of my quilt budget! LOL!
 I did stop at the Kalona Creamery-I had to get some cheese curds!
 It reopened awhile back after being closed for a bit.
 It's very nice looking now-very hip furnishings and souvenirs for all!
And it's still raining and it's down to 35 degrees now, my poor tulips in the front yard will be sad in the morning I bet!

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