Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Oh I Almost Forgot Easter

 SO before I tell about Easter dinner at our house, I'll show you the cool trick I got from Pinterest.
Since Hubs got his new stove, he can't put his knives down the side between the counter. SO I was looking at Pinterest and saw this idea...
I didn't think the cracker box would be big enough for all of his knives, so I saw this cute container at Hobby Lobby-on sale-of course. SO then I stopped at Target and bought all the skewers they had!
I had to break them all of to be the correct length
And after about an hour of snapping skewers, I stuck all the knives in and they are now safely stored and easy to get to! I think I could have used a few more skewers, but I bought all they had!
Anyways, we had a nice dinner, Ham, scalloped potatoes, cole slaw, Mom's Deviled eggs, a nice salad, and vegetables and nice warm rolls and Costco cake for dessert! Yummy indeed!

 That Ben-always messing with my pictures!!
 I got together enough chairs and the tables looked pretty I think!
 It was so nice to get everyone together- we haven't been very good about that with the crazy winter weather!
The night before, Hubs was assembling the potatoes and look at little Riley, Dannie's pup, she was just waiting for some food to drop on the floor under Hub's Chair!

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