Friday, August 30, 2019

At the Seashore Quilt Along

 SO waaay back in June or maybe it was July, I started my At The Seashore quilt along quilt over at Moda Bakeshop.  Here's the link  To At The Seashore Quilt Along. 
The folks at Moda Bakeshop post a block every week or so, and as they are posted you can make them all and by the time it's done you have a quilt! I let them accumulate for a week or two and then got them made.
 It takes no time at all to make a block, the time is when you wait for blocks to come. They all have a seashore theme-the beach call and the first aid station and at the top is the sparkler block and Popsicles.
 There here are the beach cabanas and the Sailor's Star. I didn't make all of the blocks. I just didn't really like some of them.
 I thought I had chosen good colors-I wanted the brown to look like sand, but I'm not so sure it does.
Then all the blues and aquas, well it is what it is.
 They also posted different ways to set the blocks when you're all done. There was a nice row of flying geese blocks and a row of spool blocks too!
 Anyways, I'm no quitter, so I got it put together and ready to spray baste it on the reliable ol garage door.
 See, there's the lighthouse block and the beach umbrella-there were actually 3 different umbrella blocks posted! I only made one.
 And none of the sailboat blocks was all that great, but I made them anyways.
 And here it is all done! Not the best picture in the shade!
 This is more true to the color. I used my walking foot and a wavy stitch design and just made lines all across the quilt. I backed it with some fabric I had on hand-it's heavier "Sunbrella" type of fabric used for outdoor applications.
 The backing fabric makes it a little heavy.
  I think will be a great quilt for outdoors on the ground. It came out better than I thought it would!
Another I have aqua and blue scrap bins are running over again, what to do, what to do?????

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