Saturday, August 24, 2019

One More to Mail

 One more quilt to mail off to my dear SIL. This one is for her Bratboy-who she said likes camo.
 I think something simple like this Irish Chain should work well. I'm just winging it here-no pattern.
 I chose as many manly creamy colors as I could find.
 Bob is testing it out-he thinks it's OK!
 I like the way it looks!
 Spray basted and ready to go! Man it was hot in the sun! Glad it only takes a few minutes to get it sprayed!
 Looks great I think!
 I used 80/20 batting on this one-it's very lightweight and my quilting FB pals all said go light weight for Southern quilts.
 Now, to try out my newest machine. I'm planning to use the walking foot and just do straight stitches following the diamond shape the Irish chain makes.
 This camo really does camouflage the tread!
 The stitches look great! I have never had good success with straight stitching before, but this is wonderful!
 And here it is all bound and ready for a wash! And I do have the deer on the back right-side up!
I think he's going to love this one! I'll get it in the mail on Monday. I'll be glad to have these off my mind!

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