Friday, August 23, 2019

Another Finish in the Mail

Here's another quilt for my dear SIL to gift her grand daughter.
 This was a new pattern I got,It's called Helio's Helix and is from AOK Patterns. I thought it would be pretty with the large flower print. THese patterns use a method to select fabric. See like this....
But it cuts up the big print, so I don't think it looks as great as I had hoped.
 It's still pretty, and will be cozy with the 80-20 batting I'm using.
 There's the Bratgirl2 embroidery! I used my little Brother machine this time-Bernie is in the hospital, but I'm going to go get him tomorrow!
 Here it is all finished, washed and ready to pack up!
 I do like this quilt, just am disappointed in the use of the large print.
 I'm sure Bratgirl2 will love it too, especially because it's from her Gramma!

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