Wednesday, August 21, 2019

More PM

 SO through the years one dog or another has loved to dig under the deck against the foundation of the house. I don't love it much at all!
 SO, DD arranged for a wheel barrow of dirt to get dumped the other day and I went out and got the dog hole filled in.
 Then I spread a length of hardware wire fence on the ground to prevent more digging.
 Then moved some of the stepping stones from in front of the step to cover the wire.
 There! That should solve the digging issue!
 But then of course that causes another issue...I need some more block for the bottom of the steps. This deck is not in the best shape, but it's what we have soooo,
 I put a few more under the deck just for good measure and to remind the dogs that they should not be digging there.
Then put down these red pavers. Lowe's didn't have any like the ones I already had, so these will have to do. That's enough maintenance for today!

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