Saturday, August 17, 2019

PM...That's Planned Maintenance

 Planned Maintenance -that's what it's called at work, when you know something needs to get done and you schedule time in advance to do it. SO my dryer vent hose had a hole in it and was blowing lint into the laundry room! I just had to plan a time to get it taken care of! I pulled off the whole mess of duct and used my air compressor to blow that line out!
 I used the long extension I got for my little compressor and got in there really well!
 I pulled out the dryer in the house and got that end all fixed up, then it was the garage side....
 Good to go! It was sooo hot in the garage.
 Now this end was a little tricky. The plastic vent hole on the outside of the house has only a tiny little edge to make the I cut up a deli container and made a little extension! See all done! It looks like you can see daylight-and you can because it's a clear container extension. Maybe that would be a new invention- see through dryer vent, then you could tell when it's getting clogged and clean it out.....anywas, it is now secured and good to go for awhile!
Ringo helped me too. We used the air compressor to blow the dust out of the fan. 
He kept trying to bite the air....

Goofy dog! But helpful, yeah, that's it helpful. Now I'm going to go sew!

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