Thursday, August 15, 2019

A Finish-Out of the Box Quilt

 So, I was asked to make quilts for my darling SILs grown up grands. I went seeking a pattern for the first one. SIL described this one for a grand daughter as Boho...oh good-scrappy! I came across this pattern
in this magazine and I think it will be great!

 Here are the blocks I'm laying them out...which way is the best?  hmmmm
 Like this or...
 Like this or.....
 Like this.....
 I'm liking this one the best.
So here they are sewn together.
 She also requested that the grands nick name is incorporated somehow too. SO I just embroidered it on with the handy alphabet on Bernie.
 We are basting! And it's hot in the afternoon sun!
 This quilt looks so bright and happy!
 I'm in love with it. I might even make another one.
 I was lucky enough to have time to go over to Helio's fabric shop over in Mt Vernon and found this fabulous fabric for the back!I love love love it!
 And all quilted together. I had a major malfunction as I was quilting. Poor Bernie is in the hospital aka the sewing center. I don't know if I'm planning a funeral or budgeting for an extended stay in rehab. Anyway, I finished meandering on my back up machine.
 It looks great! Love that backing fabric!
 And good looking corners too! After a little wash it's in the mail. I hope they all love it as much as I do! I sent a note telling SIL that if she hated it to send it back. Hubs says that will not be happening. He even commented how much he likes it!

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